Fillers for Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement

Fillers for Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement

No-Fuss Nose Job

By Maripet L. Poso

Mulling over the possibility of a nose job for some time now, but not too confi dent that you’ll like the new look, or maybe you’re scared to go all the way ‘under the knife’? Non-surgical nose job is your best bet. It’s minimally invasive, with instantaneous results, and most of all, it’s not permanent!

Well, who doesn’t want to have the perfect nose anyway? According to one of Singapore’s popular plastic surgeons, Dr Jun Jin Chua, popularly known in the industry as Dr JJ, “We all desire a nose that has a tall, straight, narrow and defined nose bridge and a sharp refined tip. These attractive qualities can be easily and safely achieved with injectable filler enhancement.”

Everybody has his own idea of the perfect nose, and there’s no shame in wanting to have it. But as to what it takes and at what cost?Read on and find out.

The Procedure

Non-surgical nose enhancement refers to cosmetic improvement of the nose without surgery, using injectable filler material. According to Dr Chua, the safest and most popular filler material is made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). “Many No-Fuss Nose Job Fillers for Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement brands are USA FDA-approved for safety and efficacy. This naturally-occurring compound is found in our skin and joints.” As for the safety of the fillers, he assures us that injectable HA fillers are “currently manufactured from nonanimal sources to remove the risk of infectious diseases.”

Unlike other nose enhancement procedures, non-surgical nose enhancement is a completely outpatient treatment. Dr Chua explained that first and foremost, there will be a thorough consultation with the doctor to understand the patient’s wishes, and then the examination of the nose follows. Local anaesthetic cream is applied for about 20 minutes prior to the procedure. The treatment of the filler only takes approximately one minute. “Fillers are injected directly into deficient areas,” explained Dr Chua.

Things to Consider

One good thing about this procedure is that results will be seen immediately after the treatment. “There will be mild swelling and minimal down time, but there’s no need for painkillers after the treatment,” added Dr Chua. Your nose will be “completely natural-looking after five days.”

Just like any other procedure, there’s the possibility that the patient will not get the exact result that he or she wanted. But other than that, the risk is very minimal, as there’s less than 1% chance of infection.

The filler usually lasts for up to two years and can be dissolved safely with an enzyme, making the treatment reversible and adjustable. The best thing about this procedure so far? The cost is not over-the-top expensive. “Total cost for consultations, specialist fees, medicine, materials, nursing care, is $1000 for the world-leading brands,” shared Dr Chua.

Dr JJ Chua runs Rejuvenative Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, located at Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, #03-05 Singapore 228510, Tel: 6235 3235.


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