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Green Capsule

At Green Capsule, we are fully committed to providing the best for you and your body. Green Capsule believes your health can be improved through extracting the best minerals from vegetables and traditional herbs. As such, it is our company’s vision to over time, present you with a range of 100% natural products that can help your body function at an optimized level and thereby maintaining what is term in Traditional Chinese Medicine as “balancing”. This is your answer to improving health and achieving a sense of overall well-being.

Oliver Dental Surgery

Oliver Dental Surgery, a general dental practice, specializes in the use of mini dental implants. For the past 10 years its main focus is on fixed crowns and bridges with the use of Mini Drive Lock mini dental implants from USA which are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved dental implants. Having placed more than 25,000 minis with a high success rate the practice has a lot of loyal and satisfied patients. It is a group practice at 2 locations.

LF Asia

LF Asia Pharmaceutical Division, a division of LF Asia (Singapore), is the leading distributor of pharmaceuticals including consumer healthcare (OTC) products. From tailoring initial market  entry strategy, to providing extensive sales coverage, product promotion and after-sales service, a distribution partnership with LF Asia opens a broadband gateway into the nation’s healthcare establishments and modern retail outlets.

Trace Minerals Research

For over 35 years, the Trace Minerals Research brand has been dedicated to combating the growing problem of mineral deficiency and imbalance in modern society. By harvesting the health-promoting ionic minerals found in the Great Salt Lake and making them available to the general public, we are committed to being the immutable source for the minerals necessary to maintain proper health. In fact, research data conducted by SPINS shows Trace Minerals Research as America’s #1 selling trace minerals brand!

Today, Trace Minerals Research offers 100 different health promoting products that contain Concentrace, the premier ionic mineral mixture produced from the waters of the Great Salt Lake. Over the years, thousands of people who lacked essential trace minerals in their diets have felt a difference in their health and well-being when replenishing these vital nutrients.

Menarini Asia-Pacific

Menarini Asia-Pacific (“Menarini”), a fully owned subsidiary of Italy based Menarini Group, is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that improves the lives of people in Asia-Pacific by commercializing differentiated ethical and consumer healthcare brands. This is done through proven brand marketing and sales know-how, strong expertise across key therapeutic categories and deep experience in all major markets. Comprehensive functional capabilities provide rapid market access, delivered by a passionate team of sales and marketing professionals. With over 3,500 employees in 13 key markets in Asia-Pacific, Menarini operates across the commercial value chain, from regulatory approval and product launch to lifecycle management. Partnering is an integral component of Menarini’s business model, collaborating closely with selected partners through long-term relationships in developing effective strategies and using our extensive experience to maximize the potential of the assets entrusted to us.


Established in 1984, The Innomed Group has been a leading regional distributor of medical & aesthetic equipment and cosmetic products. Innomed offers a wide range of technologically advanced lasers, pulsed-light, radiofrequency, acoustic waves, skin analysis & imaging, weight-management, rehabilitation and holistic exercise systems and professional skin care products. Premier brands distributed by the group include Syneron-Candela, Canfield Imaging, CoolTouch, Conbio a Cynosure Company, Daavlin, Ellman, Hironic, Lasering, Marena, Palomar, Storz Medical, Theravant Corporation and iS Clinical.

Innomed takes pride in promoting evidence-based products that provide innovative and effective solutions along with a high level of comfort, safety, efficacy, speed, ease-of-use and reliability. These devices and products give physicians and other practitioners numerous treatment options to enhance their practices.

Backed by a team of dedicated sales, technical and customer support staff, Innomed is committed to on time delivery of quality products and services to all customers, driven by continual improvement to meet total customer satisfaction.


Neobiotics is a unique probiotics and prebiotics supplement for the whole family . It contains multistrain probiotics to help maintain a well balanced intestinal microflora .

Neobiotics is scientifically proven to be effective for :

– Irritable Bowel Syndrome

– Traveller’s Diarrhea / Food Poisoning

– Diarrhea in Children

– Antibiotic –associated Diarrhea

– Improving immune system

– Relieve bloated stomach

Bronson Professional

Bronson Straighteners and Curlers come with Far-Infrared Technology that gently and evenly heats hair from inside out. It’s Ionic Technology admits negative ions which reduce static and frizz, keeping hair in its best condition.

The unique Tormaline plates also keep hair shine and smooth at all times.

David Loh Surgery
David Loh Surgery

Founded in 2002, David Loh Surgery was one of the first clinics in the country to offer non-surgical quick-fix procedures, involving minimal downtime, which have gained immense popularity and reshaped the field of aesthetic medicine in Singapore. Offering everything from facial and body sculpting to hair transplants, Dr David Loh is better known as the trainer for Botox and fillers since 2006. He is assisted by Dr KJ Wong in hair transplants.

Cutis Medical laser Clinics

Relying on the fundamentals of scientifically proven “evidence-based” aesthetic treatments, Cutis Medical Laser Clinics focuses on three things: Safe & Effective Treatments, Patient Education and Patient-Centred Approach, and US FDA-cleared & CE-marked Treatments and Products.

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics reviews published clinical data before any treatment is introduced into its system and conducts a specialised skin analysis to objectively identify potential areas of improvement. They also provide reassurance that every laser, light or skin treatment has been rigorously evaluated and is safe and effective for all skin types.

Zoe Nissi
Zoe Nissi

Zoe Nissi Pte Ltd a Singaporean based company which was established in 2002 with the aim to be the leading distributor of physician prescribed skin health products throughout Southeast Asia.  At present, Zoe Nissi Pte Ltd is the sole distributor of Obagi Medical Products and ZO Skin Health Products in four countries namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Event Partners

Acro Polates

Acro Polates specialises in pole dance and aerial fitness classes. If the impression of a girl gyrating around the vertical structure comes to mind, I would encourage you to come watch our demos. It is a lot more physical and acrobatic than you can imagine; many ladies (and even men) have chosen this dance form as their weekly fitness regime over going to a gym. The fitness benefits are immense, they are known to work the core, improve muscular strength, flexibility and motor skills from learning the spins and inversions. Free trial classes by our certified instructors are conducted monthly. For more information, please visit


Millions of patients trust us with their lives every year. That’s why we stand united in our promise to put our patients at the heart of all we do. Behind each healthcare professional at SingHealth is a multidisciplinary team committed to delivering the best patient care possible. Our institutions are centres of excellence, and we seek to integrate clinical services, teaching and research to bring tomorrow’s medicine closer to our patients. We will continue to hold steadfast to our values and calling to serve with care and compassion, for the betterment of our patients.

L’Oréal Paris

Whether you are a makeup guru or completely new to it, L’Oréal Paris has just the right cosmetics to help you get a glamorous yet achievable look in easy steps that will bring you easily from the office to the party- simply because you’re worth it.

Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness is Asia’s leading fitness brand.

Conveniently located at Knightsbridge on Orchard Road and Asia Square at Marina View, Pure Fitness boasts state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for an unparalleled workout experience.

With dedicated areas for functional training, free weights, cycling, and boxing, we also feature a diverse group fitness schedule that includes renowned Les Mills programmes, kick-boxing, pilates, hip hop, jazz funk, pole dance, aerial classes and TRX.

For details, please visit


Asia’s number one Pharmacy & Drugstore brand first made its foray into the Singapore market in April 1988 with the opening of a 4,000 square feet store at Marina Square. The Watsons brand has since expanded rapidly throughout the years and has evolved itself in line with the proposition to help customers have fun “Looking Good, Feeling Great”.

In 2003, Watsons introduced pharmacy services to its customers with the opening of its first pharmacy counter at Ngee Ann City. The retailer now has 32 pharmacy counters located within the key stores and is continuing expanding its pharmacy services.

Product Sponsors

Dazzling Naturals

Dazzling Naturals believes in Mother Nature’s magic touch for one’s well-being from head to toe and inside out. Our elegant home-grown label offers products of superior quality ranging from body care and home lifestyle products to refreshing herbal teas made with natural ingredients from around the world.Our products have aromatherapy qualities which will nurture your body, mind and emotions.



Natural Products. Real Treatments. Better Well-Being

Kneipp is the simple answer for our sportsmen, working adults and aging parents. All too often “wellness” brands are seen as only feel-good products that do much for the superficial senses and little for our physical pains. Kneipp uses technology to extract the best from natural plants and herbs to deliver long-term pain release, energy rejuvenation and general health well being. Today, the Kneipp Group continues this legacy in Würzburg, Germany. These products are distributed in pharmacies in Germany and all over the world. Following Sebastian Kneipp’s vision, Kneipp is here to win the hearts and bodies of Singapore.

Sothys Singapore

The touch of luxury. The beauty of innovation. The vision of perfection.

SOTHYS is a global leader in professional skincare innovation. A brand that focuses on its innovation skills and cutting-edge technology. Sothys confirms its aim to place three essential concepts at the heart of its treatments: performance, sensoriality and customization.

Dr Lily’s Aloe Vera Gel (USA)

A must-have multi-purpose/first aid gel for everyone in or away from home!  Contains only natural goodness and organic ingredients.  We say no to fragrance, parabens, phthalates and triclosan etc. We know because we are users too!  Check out what users are saying in

 Dove Hair Therapy
Dove Hair Therapy

NEW Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment series contain Trichazole Actives, which is scientifically proven to prevent natural enzymes from breaking down the “follicle glue” which binds the hair to the scalp. In other words, this new Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment series helps nourish and strengthen hair on the scalp for longer – see visibly lesser hair fall in just 2 weeks*!

* Based on a consumer test conducted in 2010 in Thailand.


ELGYDIUM WHITENING toothpaste for BRILLIANT WHITE TEETH combats marks and stains of the teeth with its exclusive formula of non abrasive MICRO-PULVERISED SODIUM BICARBONATE

Micropulverization, a specific technology applied to sodium bicarbonate in Elgydium Whitening toothpaste that enables it to provide extra-gentle scrubbing + in-depth cleansing by acting in the tooth enamel’s finest fissures.

Adonis Beauty

Adonis Beauty has been established for 26 years leading in the beauty industry. We aim to help customer achieve beautiful skin. We provide customize Facial according to your skin type. We look at your skin condition first then the treatment and recommend the most suitable products to you. All the infusions and treatment ingredients used are of no preservatives and we focus more on natural plants extracts.

Suzanni Beaute

Suzanni Beaute Pte Ltd is a distributor and trading company based in Singapore; we specialize on Beauty and Personal Care products that distribute to massive retail network such as Health & Beauty, Department stores, pharmacy/ drugstores and Supermarket chain stores within Singapore.

Currently, we’re an authorized distributor for couple of principal companies from USA, UK and Europe brands like Travalo Refillable Perfume Spray, Cala Products (Cosmetic sponges and Bamboo Brushes), Byly Deodorant, Foot care and Depilatory range and ModelsOwn cosmetic and Nicka K, Absolute personal care range with distribution network of more than 800 stores. We’ve strong distribution network and trade partnership with all mass market retail chain and department stores building brand equity with strategic marketing plan to increase channel distribution and drive sales.

Our mission is to have innovative and breakthrough technology products with strong competitive edge that differentiate us over the competitors’ brands that serves the well-defined needs and wants of the consumer.

Captain Oats

Captain Oats products are made with premium quality oat grains from Australia. Oats contain high amount of protein and dietary fibre and is truly one of the super foods of all time. It is by far the most nutritious of all grain cereal as oats contain high amounts of Vitamin B1, B2 and E. Oats also contain a specific type of beneficial fibre called beta-glucan which is known to help remove cholesterol from our digestive systems.

My Scheming Facial Mask

My Scheming from Taiwan prides itself as the only mask made of 100% Japan Natural Pulp which is soft and breathable that is good for your skin. The non-synthetic special pulp provides close adhesion to the face to ensure that the nutrients are fully absorbed by your skin. It gives your skin the moisture boost with the best results! With a wide range of mask variants to address your every skin need, surely you will find your skin’s favourite mask in My Scheming!

 Logo Prive
Privé Clinic

Accredited by the Ministry of Health to perform aesthetic procedures, and recognised by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Privé Clinic establishes its reputation as one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand. Privé suits someone of style and substance, wanting to look their absolute best from head to toe. Understanding that being well-groomed and exhibiting quiet confidence is paramount to success, Privé represents their passport to perfection. Loving comfort in private surroundings, personable services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, have undoubted belief in research, innovation and safety as being key in revealing the holy trinity of unmistakably beautiful face, great skin and toned body.


Media Partners

Ezyhealth Magazine

Ezyhealth magazine is Singapore’s premier health magazine founded in 1998. Its monthly editorial content covers a wide-range of health topics that will pique the interest of laymen and health-conscious individuals. With experts and doctors in the medical field presenting facts on all trending health issues, poring through Ezyhealth’s pages will keep you updated while empowering you to make sound decisions on your health and well-being.Backed by 300,000 readers every month and 20,000 unique visitors from the world over, Ezyhealth should be your monthly staple for health news.


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